Treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dull skin, oily skin…

Performed in the doctor’s office, this painless treatment is a combination of 2 techniques (mixed peeling):

  • The application of a controlled electrical current (cleansing of the skin, improving its firmness and increasing its absorbency)
  • The application of resorcinol (chemical peeling)

Several protocols are offered :

Nourishing Electro-rejuvenation :

In this treatment the resorcinol is replaced by a solution that is extremely rich in vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

The skin is deeply nourished thanks to the initial application of the electrical current. The action is similar to a session of mesotherapy but without the stinging sensation of the injections.

No impacts on social life are to be expected. This treatment is possible all year long including sunny periods.

A treatment of 3 to 5 sessions is recommended for effective and lasting nourishment, followed by regular skin care.

Electro-rejuvenation or electro-cosmesis :

A mild or more intense mixed peeling can be carried out depending on the desired effect (improvement of skin radiance, complexion, lightening of age spots or blemishes, removal of fine lines, etc.).

The patient can expect limited social interaction due to the possible side effects of redness for at least 24 hours and the flaking skin for 3 to 7 days.

For an intense treatment 1 to 3 sessions are recommended preferably during periods of low sunlight. Following the treatment, a regular skin care routine is recommended.

Lightening of the age spots on the face or the back of the hands:

In 1 to 3 sessions all age spots can be considerably lightened or even erased.

A reddish appearance that slowly turns pinkish will persist from 1 to 3 months.

Removal of fine lines from the lip and lower eyelids :

Abrasive Electro-Rejuvenation by TIMED is performed in a single session and is the most effective and long-lasting method to remove wrinkles from the lips and eyelids.

The treatment is carried out under a local anaesthesia and is followed by a healing period of 3 weeks. Redness persists for 1 to 3 months and can be easily covered by makeup.