The criteria of beauty vary according to symbolism (generous mother’s breast, pubertal sporty breast, seductive breast that is a mix of the two) the age of the patient (breast in proportion with the rest of the body) and the society in which one lives.

Thanks to paintings and sculptures, man has communicated his idea of the perfect feminine physique throughout the centuries. The image of the breast varies especially in size with the ideal breast appearing almost always firm and round. Only certain African ethnicities prefer a sagging breast.
It is impossible to do a comprehensive review of what the perfect breast represents, since its perception changes from one era to another, from one civilisation to another, and even from one region to another within the same country. Similarly, the dimensions of the busts of mannequins used in stores are always changing and the bra size in France has gone from 85B in 1950-1970 to 90C since the 1990s (95D in the United States).

The following is an inexhaustive list of some points of reference for an aesthetically pleasing breast:

  • The ratios between the 3 dimensions of the breast (for example: Height / Projection ratio of the breast between 2 and 4 or Height / Width ratio between 0.7 and 1.3)
  • The ideal position of the areola at the top of the breast and its ideal diameter between 2.5 and 5 cm depending on the volume of the gland
  • The “ideal” volume, which varies according to the overall physique of the patient but also according to the lifestyle. Thus, in France, the volume of the “ideal” breast varies, for a woman of medium weight between 200 and 350 cm3
  • The form depends on the ethnic group (hemispherical in Europe, ogival in Africa, conical in Asia) and especially on the age (lemon shaped for young virgin, apple shaped for the adult and pear shaped for older breasts with sag). The apple shape is the preferred form of the French
  • Symmetry of the chest is never perfect, but at first glance is shouldn’t appear misshaped.

There is not one ideal breast. Breasts of different sizes and shapes can be considered as beautiful.

Your experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon will give you his advice and respond as best as possible to your request.


Treatments Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Whether it is to increase or reduce breast volume, or to correct a breast asymmetry in women, aesthetic breast surgery aims to beautify your breast and restore its femininity. Depending on the case of each patient, your plastic surgeon will advise you which is the most appropriate treatment.

Breast Reconstruction: Cases

The breast is the most visible part of the sexual organs and is the symbol of femininity. Malformed breasts or the absence of a breast can generate a psychological and physical anxiety in the patients. Poor body image can lead to a real psychological disability with self-exclusion from activities (sport, recreation), avoidance of medical examinations because of shame felt by having “ridiculously” shaped breasts, concealing breasts with unflattering clothes and an unfulfilling sexual life. Whether it is to repair a congenital abnormality or to reconstruct a breast after cancer treatment, breast repair surgery allows patients to regain their femininity.