The nipple-areola complex (NAC) or nipple comprises an areola and a nipple. The primary function of the nipple is breastfeeding. It is also a powerful symbol of femininity

Aesthetic changes can be made.

Increase in size

The increasein diameter of the areola can be done by tattoo. In the case of very small or inexistent nipples, the nipple can be reconstructed by the techniques used in breast reconstruction. Breastfeeding may not be possible after nipple reconstruction.

Decrease in size (Nipple reduction)

The diameter of the nipple can be reduced by an incision around the areola. This reduction may be isolated or be a part of a broader change in the shape of the breast (mastopexy, mastoplasty for reduction or augmentation, treatment of tuberous breasts). The size of nipples can easily be reduced by “cutting and removing” of the nipple.

Inverted nipples or invaginated

Inverted (invaginated) nipples correspond to the retraction of nipples into the breast, making them invisible. The nipple may come out when it becomes erect.

This retraction is usually related to congenital shortness of the ducts through which the mammary secretions flow during breastfeeding. Because of their shortness, the ducts draw the nipple inward. In some cases, this retraction occurs after an infection (galactophoritis) or after plastic surgery of the breast. The inverted nipples can prevent breastfeeding and / or have an impact on sexual life.

Supernumerary nipples and supernumerary mammary glands

mamelon-ombiliqueSupernumerary nipples (hyperthelia or polythelia) or presence of extra breasts (hypermastia or polymastia) are related to the lack of regression of breast buds during embryonic life. Several breast buds initially exist along the milk-lines and normally only two should remain. These supernumerary formations are more or less rudimentary. It could be different types of formations, from a small nipple, often confused with a mole, to almost a normal breast which produces milk.

Accessory mammaryglands located at the axillary level are frequent and often confused with an axillary continuation of the breast.

A The simple surgical excision of the supernumerary elements makes it possible to resolve this issue.

Scarring is usually minimal and is proportional to the size of the formation that has been removed.

La rançon cicatricielle est le plus souvent minime, proportionnelle à la taille de la formation à retirer.

Guidelines of nipple procedures

All cosmetic procedures on the nipple (decrease, increase, inverted nipples, supernumerary nipples) are performed under local anaesthesia (diazepine-induced analgesia) on an outpatient basis. The procedure generally lasts less between 30 and 45 minutes.
The after effects are manageable and painless. Complete healing is achieved within 2 weeks.

Postoperative effects

The after-effects are uncomplicated and not painful. Complete healing is achieved in 2 weeks. Returning to work is possible 24 hours after surgery. Sporting activities can be resumed 15 days after the operation.

Risks of complication

  • Serious complications are very rare after cosmetic nipples surgery.
  • Healing may be delayed by a few days but is not serious.

Health Insurance coverage

for inverted nipples or supernumerary nipples can have a partial refund of the total cost of the procedure by health insurance.