There are two main steps in the process: consultations and procedures

Process for consultations :

clinicAfter a first opening in Antibes in 2012, the new office is now located in Cannes, at Palais Miramar, 65 Boulevard de la Croisette. Some follow-up consultations will still take place at the Pôle Antibes Saint Jean, 2160 avenue Jean Michard-Pellissier 06600 Antibes.

Conversation with the patient is the essential starting point for a trusting relationship. Each party, the surgeon and the patient, must devote sufficient discussion time before deciding on a treatment. For cosmetic surgery, two pre-operative consultations at least 15 days apart (legal limit) will be needed so that the patient can better express their expectations and so the surgeon can explain as clearly as possible the solutions and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. Consultations are held in French or English. The patient is only billed for the first consultation (120 euros for aesthetic ; 30-120 euros for reconstruction). During the initial consultation, the surgeon will determine the cost of the procedure * and give you a detailed estimate. Free on-site parking is available.

* All-inclusive price (stay in a private room, operating room fees, implantable medical devices, anesthesia fee, surgeon’s fee, laser for scar improvment, compression garments if needed, postoperative follow-up) ; excluding cost of pharmaceutical products and anesthesia consultation (50 euros).

Process for the procedures :

clinique The procedures take place at the Polyclinique Saint-Jean, which is conveniently ideally located in Cagnes- sur-Mer, halfway between Cannes-Antibes and Nice – Monaco. The clinic has modern surgical resources and post-operatory care services.

Before all reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, a consultation with an anesthesiologist at the Saint-Jean Polyclinic is required at least 48 hours in advance.

For specific details relating to anesthesia and hospitalization for each procedure see: Anesthesia in plastic surgery.

After leaving the clinic, Dr. Laveaux will personally perform the postoperative follow-up consultation on a date that suits you.

Nowadays, the after effects of postoperative cosmetic surgery are more manageable, with limited or no pain and the immediate return to daily activities. Only activities requiring special effort may need to be delayed for a few days. The anesthesia is extremely light and the side effects quickly fade away, therefore there is no reason for concern.

* Only liposuction in certain areas and muscle surgery can cause more severe pain during the first postoperative days. Appropriate analgesics are prescribed for each case.