The beauty of the face is the result of a subtle balance between all its dimensions and volumes. Facial cosmetic surgery aims to restore this balance thanks to localised corrections (removal of nose lumps or excess skin on the eyelids, correction of protruding ears…) or just to improve your appearance. This is applicable especially with age where inner energy and dynamism are no longer expressed on the face. Several factors of aging should be considered:

  • the loss of elasticity and excess of sagging skin which becomes worn and wrinkled;
  • modification of the bone structure due to the loss of bone density and volume;
  • weight and muscle loss which together with the lack of bone density contributes to sunken cheekbones and chin, …;
  • sagging skin;
  • Irregular muscle symmetry.

At the first consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial appearance and give you personalised advice. The specialist will be able to offer you the best solution for your needs. This solution may be either a single surgical procedure or a combination of several surgical procedures generally performed simultaneously. The program may include complementary aesthetic medicine treatments.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Procedures

To regain a harmonious appearance several facial surgery operations are possible. Here are the procedures performed by your cosmetic surgeon on the French Riviera.

Face Lift: Different Techniques

The facelift is an effective treatment to tighten the skin of the face. Different procedures are offered by your plastic surgeon, depending on the case.

Whatever the cosmetic face and neck surgery, the result will always be natural, without a frozen face or loss of expressions. Your personality will be respected and preserved.