Lips represent the sensual part of the face.

During a consultation for facial cosmetic surgery, the lips are quite often overlooked or are simply injected with hyaluronic acid.

The large number of “duck mouths” walking around the streets or in the media discourages patients from performing any treatment on their lips.

Yet, the lips play a major role in defining a youthful and attractive face.

Closer examination of the mouth and its contours must be carried out in order to identify the best treatment (and to dissuade the others!).

The upper lip lift

The upper lip lift reduces the height of the skin between the nose and the mouth (called Cupid’s bow). The upper lip is raised giving it a more voluminous appearance (without fat or hyaluronic acid injections).

A small scar is located at the base of the nostrils.

This technique is detailed in a specific chapter, read the chapter on: , upper lip lift..

Corner lip lift (smile lift or smile lipt)

This lift is designed to elevate an otherwise drooping outer corner of the lips. After this surgery, the patient’s expression will appear more relaxed and cheerful.

A small incision a few millimetres long is made at each corner of the mouth.

A Dao muscle release can be performed during the same surgery or instead of a corner lip lift in minor cases.

Lip reduction

Either upper or lower lips can be reduced by incisions concealed inside the mouth. For naturally too big lips or for over-injected lips with non dissolvable fillers.

Lip augmentation

Injections of hyaluronic acid (temporary effect) or fat (permanent effect) increase the volume of one or both lips. For very natural result eliminating the “duck mouth” effect, it is recommended that a lip lift be performed first then only minimal injections will be required.
Silicone implants (Permalip) can also be inserted either inside upper lip or lower lip or both lips at the same time. This is an easy procedure performed under local anesthesia. The volume of permalip implant can be low, medium or big.

Vermillon advancement

An incision is made along the contour of the lips at the line between the red part of the lip and the Cupid’s bow. This allows the upper lip, the lower lip or the two at the same time to be raised.

Due to the position of the scar, this technique is reserved for those patients who have very fine lips that respond poorly to injections.

Correction of wrinkles around the lips

Wrinkles can be treated one by one by hyaluronic acid injections.

If there are wrinkles all around the mouth, the most effective and definitive treatment is electro-rejuvenation that is administered in one session.

Guidelines for lip treatments

Injections of hyaluronic acid and removal of fine lines by electro-rejuvenation are carried out in the Doctor’s office under local anaesthesia.

All procedures concerning aesthetic of the lips are performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis.

There are no painful after effects. Some bruising and swelling may occur and last from 2 to 3 weeks.

The sutures are dissolvable inside the mouth or removed from the skin 1 week after the operation, after which makeup is allowed.