The patient’s own fat can be used to restore volume to the face

The lipostructure technique or Coleman lipofilling involves removing fat by liposuction from areas where there is an excess of fat and reinjecting it into the face. In most cases, excess fat from the knee, when it is present, is used because of its good quality.

The fat removed must be purified by centrifugation, filtration or decantation before being re-injected. The micro suction tubes used are specially designed for the face (microtransfer of fat). All steps take place during the same operation (collection, purification, re-injection).

In most cases, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient.

For the face, the fat grafting ideally treats :

  • increased volume in the cheekbones ;
  • correction of dark circles and tear trough ;
  • the augmentation of the eyebrow fat pad (Charpy’s pad) ;
  • filling hollow temples ;
  • correction of flat forehead ;
  • augmentation of the chin ;
  • filling hollow cheeks.

This fat transfer can be performed individually or in addition to a facelift and / or eyelid surgery.

Post-operative effects

Limited pain is experienced after the procedure, however some swelling and bruising can occur for 2 to 3 weeks.

Risk of complications

As with anysurgery, there are risks of complications although statistically very low.

  • Face lipofilling
  • Starts from 1500 €