The upper lip lift helps to restore a young and dynamic smile

In some people, the Cupid’s bow (skin between the nose and the red part of the lip) is too long while the red part of the lip (vermilion) is non-existent, either naturally or because of aging. The upper teeth are no longer visible when the mouth is open; the smile and facial expression appear unhappy.

The upper lip lift tightens the Cupid’s bow by reducing its length and raising the red part of the upper lip thus making more full.

Guidelines for the procedure

The tightening and shortening of the upper lip is done through an incision hidden in the contours of the nostrils.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis (out the same day) under assisted local anesthesia (type analgesia). The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

The lip lift can be carried out under general anesthesia when combined with one or more serious procedures (facelift, rhinoplasty …). In this case, the hospital stay is 24 hours.

Postoperative after effects

After the procedure there is no pain and the face is only lightly marked.

The stitches are removed 6 to 8 days after the procedure then wearing make-up and social and professional activities can be resumed.


The result is natural and the scar almost invisible after several months. The appearance of the nostrils is never altered.

“Duck lips” are due to excessive injections or injections performed without a lip lift when a lip lift is required

Small touch-up injections are possible after an upper lip lift where the volume of the upper lip is not sufficient.

Risk of complications

a qualified plastic surgeon and in the presence of a competent anesthetist. The patient’s compliance to instructions given by the surgeon is also essential and include :

  • stopping smoking 1 month before and after the procedure (reduction of all risks) ;
  • not taking aspirin for 10 days before and after the procedure (reduced risk of hematoma).

Fortunately, postoperative effects are generally manageable following a temporal lift that has been carried out properly, so serious complications are very rare. In practice, the vast majority of cases take place without any problem and the patients are satisfied with the result.

Health insurance coverage

As this procedure is considered purely for aesthetic purposes, no coverage is provided by health insurance.