Breast and buttock augmentation with your own fat : a reliable natural method.

The patient’s fat is removed by a simple liposuction, which can be purified and then re-injected into various parts of the body to increase the volume. Breasts, buttocks, chest and calves size can be increased. Facial volume can also be restored.
The result of this lipomodelling or lipofilling is completely natural.

In practice, what happens during the surgery?

At the start of the procedure, the fat is removed by liposuction. The fat is then purified and re-injected at the end of procedure into the areas necessitating increased volume. A single anesthesia, local or general depending on the case, is required in order to carry out all of the steps during a session of fat injections.

How many operations does it take to get the desired result?

One procedure may be sufficient to achieve a satisfactory result. However, for a large increase of volume, several fat injections sessions may need be performed every few months (2-3 sessions in general).

Are the results obtained definitive?


During the initial postoperative months there is a phase of partial reduction of the transferred fat (about 30 to 50%). But the surgeon anticipates this reduction by transferring more fat from the outset (overcorrection).
After this initial period of absorption, most of the fat will be steadily and definitively integrated. Only extreme weight changes can then vary the volume obtained.

Which areas of the body can the fat be grafted?

Any part of the body can be sculpted. Whilst the excess fat is removed from one area it can be added to another, or several areas, lacking in volume at the same time (buttocks, breasts, legs, chest / pectoralis muscles, lower back, hands … ).

For the facial area, very fine and extremely precise surgical equipment ( microcannulas ) treats dark-circles , lips , cheekbones , temples , forehead, eyebrows, earlobes , chin, nasolabial folds , marionette lines , hollow cheeks , …

In the context of intimate surgery, fat injections can increase penis girth (penoplasty) , vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty), or increase the G-spot area.

In reconstructive surgery, fat injections are sometimes an invaluable option (Poland syndrome, decreased length of upper limb affected by a brachial plexus paralysis, scar tissues, scarring from burns or radiotherapy).

Is it true that fat improves the quality of the skin?

Fat,in addition to its volumising effect, improves tissue trophism. The flexibility and appearance of the skin can be improved. This is especially effective when the fat is injected under skin scarring.

Is it normal to feel irregularities or lumps in the injected areas after surgery?

Immediately after the procedure some irregularities can be felt however it is not systematic. These imperfections disappear on their own after a few weeks. Massage can be helpful to facilitate their disappearance.

Is this method safe?


The risks associated with fat injections are equivalent to those incurred during conventional liposuction and are therefore low.

Unfortunately with the breasts,there is a higher probability for women to develop cancer thus caution needs to be taken. Under certain conditions fat injections are possible without additional risk at any age. The French Health Autority (HAS) has issued recommendations on this subject (read the report).

What is Brava?

The Brava system is a medical device comparable to the suction cups that are applied to the breasts 11 hours a day for several weeks to obtain enlarged breasts. In some patients, the use of Brava alone can cause a small increase in volume; but in general, the Brava is used in addition to fat injections into the breasts. It allows more fat to be grafted in one session. The Brava also improves the rate of grafted body fat (up to 90% of grafted fat life).