The harmony of the silhouette is the balance between all parts of the body. To improve the aesthetics of the silhouette surgery is one possible solution. Cosmetic body surgery aims to restore a balance between the hips, buttocks, thighs, belly, arms and breasts. This balance is more than just a question of weight but also a matter of proportion. For example, the waist should ideally represent 60 to 70% of the circumference of the hips. Your plastic surgeon can advise you on treatments to improve the appearance of your silhouette. Depending on the case, several cosmetic body surgeries are possible.

Aesthetic surgery of the silhouette: treatments to tighten the skin

Arm or thigh lifts, tummy tucks or body lifts make it possible to tighten the skin.

A well-proportioned silhouette is the result of a balance between all parts of the body.

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Redefining your figure: placing implants or transferring fat

Liposuction reduces the circumference of the hips, buttock volume, saddlebags and excess abdominal subcutaneous fat. The placement of implants or fat transfers gives volume to the chest, buttocks, pectorals or calves.

Post-weight loss or post-bariatric surgery

Although they allow the removal of fat, plastic surgery techniques are not designed for weight loss. In case of obesity, plastic surgery is discouraged due to the risk of complications and poor results. It is best to establish a healthy eating plan with the help of your general practitioner. In some cases of morbid obesity where slimming regimes do not work, bariatric surgery may be recommended and performed by a visceral surgeon. In all cases, after a significant weight loss cosmetic body surgery is the ultimate step to treat the excess skin generated by slimming (stomach apron, arms, thighs, breasts, back, buttocks, face) and to remove stubborn pockets of fat. This is referred to as post-bariatric surgery.