Cosmetic surgery of the buttocks must be part of an overall treatment of the silhouette

More and more patients complain about their flat and / or sagging buttocks. Each patient has their own vision of a nice pair of buttocks, large and very shapely (Brazilian buttocks) or more discreet but firm and well placed. The media often influences patients’ requests (Pippa Middleton’s buttocks “Pippa’s butt,” buttocks like Kim Kardashian …).

The surgery of the buttocks is not well known in France and sometimes has a bad reputation due to the use of poor surgical techniques in the past. This reputation deprives patients of surgery capable of bringing them enormous satisfaction and treats an area of the body unjustly neglected in favour of more popular surgeries, especially plastic surgery of the breasts. Wouldn’t women prefer to proudly flaunt both lovely buttocks and pretty breasts?

To meet these growing demands, Dr. Laveaux offers his patients different methods taught in Brazil or the United States.

Lipofilling (fat transfer).

This “Brazilian Butt lift and augmentation” is preferred whenever possible. It involves removing fat by liposuction from areas where there is an excess of fat and then re-injecting it into the area where you want to restore volume all performed during the same surgery under general anesthesia. The re-injected or grafted fat must first be purified by centrifugation, filtration or decantation.

The rate of engraftment varies between 50 and 70%, which means that we must inject more fat than necessary in theory to achieve the desired volume. We must therefore have a “reserve” of sufficient fat and / or perform several sessions of lipomodelage several months apart.

The advantage of this technique is the natural and definitive characteristic of the fat injections. The result is permanent after the partial reduction phase is completed. Only a significant change in weight will vary the volume of the buttocks. The fat transfer is fantastic for increasing the volume of the buttocks while resculpting the entire figure (“body contouring”).

Hyaluronic acid injections

A very dense hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (hyacorp, …) is deeply injected through several millimeter long incisions. The injected quantities depend on each case, but they must be high to get a visible result.

Unlike fat injections, hyaluronic acid injections take place at the doctor’s office. This method is the easiest way to increase the volume of the buttocks.

If the injections are not renewed, the buttocks go back to their original state without any side effects.

Buttock implants

Buttock implants are available for patients who do not have sufficient fat reserves to have lipofilling and who also want a lasting result from only one procedure.

The implants used are specially designed to increase size of the buttocks. They are pre-filled with the same highly cohesive silicone gel (very strong) as found in breast implants. The casing is also more resistant. In the absence of violent trauma the risk of rupture is very low.

Different shapes and volumes of implants exist to suit any kind of request.

The result can be very natural, if the implant is not too big, the shape is well chosen, and the implant is well positioned. Very plump yet not excessive buttocks can also be obtained at the patient’s request.

With the right technique, the implants are imperceptible by both the entourage and by the patient.

Men can also benefit for buttock’s implants.

fesses-prothses-cicatricePrinciple of buttock enhancement with implants

  • It is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2 hours on average. No drain is set up.
  • Hospitalisation lasts 24 hours.


The scar is vertical, located in the gluteal fold, and is between 6 and 8 cm in length. In general, it is invisible when the patient is standing, as it does not exceed the inter-gluteal fold. In some cases, to allow insertion of the implant, the scar may exceed the gluteal fold by 1 to 2 cm.

Position of the implant

In most cases, the implant is positioned within the gluteus maximus to allow it to be concealed and provide a natural look.

The poor results due to a visible and / or palpable implant under the skin are thus perfectly avoided.

Postoperative effects

Upon waking and for 3 weeks following, sitting or lying on the back are strictly prohibited to avoid any healing problems. The first postoperative day will be devoted to standing and walking to ensure the swelling does not compress the sciatic nerve.

Standing, lying on the stomach or sides, and sitting down for short car trips, eating and going to the toilet are all permitted.

Showering is permitted from the day after the procedure.

Pain, which is relieved by the appropriate analgesics, only lasts for the first few days but discomfort may be felt for several weeks.

Risk of complications

As with any surgery, a number of complications can occur. But the likelihood of these complications is reduced in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon and in the presence of a competent anesthetist. The patient’s compliance to instructions given by the surgeon is also essential and include :

  • stopping smoking 1 month before and after the procedure (reduction of all risks) ;
  • not taking aspirin for 10 days before and after the procedure (reduced risk of hematoma) ;
  • not sitting or lying on your back for three weeks.

Rare complications that could occur include, but are not limited to risk of hematoma, infection, scarring and thrombo-embolic complications (phlebitis).

In the event of a complication, appropriate measures will be taken.

Associated procedures with buttock implants


If we want to improve the appearance of the buttocks, it is essential to also look at the surrounding areas and contours.
During the buttocks augmentation procedure, liposuction of the hips is almost always performed to improve the curves.
Also, nice buttocks can be masked by obvious “saddlebags” that should be treated by liposuction to obtain an excellent overall result.

Buttocks lift

In the case of ptosis (sagging buttocks), simply increasing volume of the buttocks can be enough to reshape the buttocks.

However, with severe ptosis, a buttock lift can be recommended. It can be performed either in the same operation as the augmentation or during a separate procedure. Even if the scar is relatively long, it is hidden in a natural fold or by wearing underwear or even covered by a tattoo.

Health insurance coverage

No coverage is provided by health insurance.