The aesthetics of the buttocks is an essential part of the overall silhouette

Beautiful buttocks should be round, firm and sit high. The crease under the buttocks should be well defined but not too pronounced.

Buttock sag due to age or weight changes can be corrected using different lifts. The choice of technique depends on the degree of sagging to the buttocks and associated anomalies (lack of volume or too much volume, poorly distributed volume, poorly defined gluteal crease, cellulite …).

Finally, the contour of the buttocks often requires redesigning by liposuction.

DTA lower buttock lifting

lifting-sous-fessier-antibes-cannes-niceun sillon sous-fessier mal défini voire un double sillon sous-fessier.
The under buttock lift is very effective for correcting buttocks that are too long and / or asymmetrical buttocks with a poorly defined sub-gluteal fold or a double crease.

In some cases this technique is also useful to correct the “banana fold” just below the buttocks.

The scar is long but discreet as it is located right at the crease under the buttocks.

The procedure is painless, the after effects are manageable.

Butterfly lift

lifting-fesses-butterfly-antibesThe butterfly lift is for moderately sagging buttocks.

The scar is located above the buttocks, and is easily hidden by a bikini or a tattoo on the lower back.

If the buttocks are too small, a variation of this technique can be performed to give volume to the buttocks whilst creating a natural prosthesis from the patient’s fat (buttock flap fat).

Buttock and outer thigh lift

lifting-fesses-lateral-antibesA buttock and outer thigh lift can tighten the skin of the trochanteric region (“saddlebags”) if cutaneous fat is sagging at this level.

Liposuction is systematically performed.

The two symmetrical scars are easily hidden by a bikini or a tattoo.

Upper buttock lift

lifting-fesses-bodylifting-antibesThe upper buttock lift combines the “butterfly” lift and the outer thigh lift. This type of buttock lift is designed for severely sagging buttocks. It also corrects saddlebags.

Just like in a butterfly lift an increase in gluteal volume is possible by using the fat from the patient.

The upper buttock lift can be considered in isolation or in combination with a tummy tuck (body lifting).

Additional procedures for aesthetic surgery of the buttocks :

If a buttock lift is necessary, it will always be done first. Liposuction of the contours can be performed at the same time.

Subsequently, other techniques can sometimes be suggested : increasing the volume of the buttocks by fat injections or implants, reducing cellulite, harmonisation of the entire silhouette with liposuction, aesthetic breast surgery,…